How to Ensure your Content Agency Nails it

As brand storytellers, it’s vital that clients and content agencies are always on the same page. Narrative Business Unit Director Lauren Brabant identifies 10 steps for marketers to ensure your content agency nails it… every time.

The ongoing search for SEO

Your business is online, but is it visible? If you want to be found, SEO will do half the job. Great content will do the rest, writes Narrative Chief Content Officer Mark van Dijk.

Email marketing trends

Although they’ve been around a long time, email newsletters are still one of the most widely used and successful content marketing tactics.

How to be great at Facebook marketing

The new Facebook algorithm will have a significant impact on how brands get their message out. Narrative’s Content Director, Robyn Daly, looks at how you can still use Facebook to reach customers.

Who’s the hero of your story?

Your brand has a story to tell – and content marketing is the best way to tell it. But before you turn the page, you need to know who the hero of your brand’s story really is. You may be surprised how this one ends, writes Narrative Chief Content Officer Mark van Dijk.

How to get the Best out of your Content Agency

As marketers you’re entrusting your content agency with your brand’s storytelling so the relationship you have with your storytellers is key to its success. Business Unit Director Lauren Brabant earmarks 11 things to do to set the relationship between brand and agency into winning mode.

The Status of Content Marketing in South Africa

South Africa’s first Content Marketing Benchmarks and Trends report gives the lowdown on the state of content marketing in SA. You’ll find these results and more great stories for marketers in the latest issue of The Content Marketer magazine, says Narrative’s Content Director Robyn Daly.

6 Skills to Give Content Creators the Edge

As more brands embrace content marketing, finding the right person to create and coordinate what could be a very complex content strategy is key to maintaining a successful relationship between brand and content agency. Narrative Chief Content Officer Jane Smith explains.

Instagram – The Rapid Rise of an Underdog

Instagram is growing at a rapid speed and is a great platform for the right brands to engage with customers. A continual stream of new features offers opportunities for businesses to leverage what this flourishing community network has to offer. Narrative Creative Director, Christelle Grobler, explains.

The year of the brand video

Video has become a potent content marketing tactic for generating sales leads. Narrative CEO Neal Farrell explains.

Content is the secret sauce in a winning website

Sanlam Reality’s website scooped top honours for Best Corporate Website at the 2016 SA Publication Forum Awards. Chief Content Officer Jane Smith looks at the key role content plays.

Content marketing benchmarks and trends

The first content marketing survey to be done in South Africa will give marketers a valuable benchmark by which to measure their own efforts. Content Director Robyn Daly elaborates.

Is your content optimised for mobile?

Smartphones are playing an integral part in our daily lives. Narrative’s Art Director, Christelle Grobler, explains why we shouldn’t ignore their impact.

Digital opens the door for content marketing

More and more brands are getting into content marketing and those that are already onto it are doing more and spending more. Digital opens the door, says Neal Farrell, Narrative’s CEO, but quality and relevance are key.

The timeless truth about content marketing

Long-time sales manager Colin Garden has fielded many questions from marketers on content marketing in his time. It all boils down to one: “What’s in it for me?” The answer is an age-old truth.

A first for South Africa

Welcome to The Content Marketer, a comprehensive guide to content marketing. In this magazine, we tell the story behind content marketing, its early roots, literally from the ground up.

Creating visual impact in content marketing

Narrative Art Director, Christelle Grobler, uncovers the importance of visuals and how they can determine whether a content marketing tactic will soar to success or sink into ignominy.

Smart content marketers ride the smart device wave

Around 23 million South Africans have smartphones. And that number is growing as manufacturers bring in more appealing, user-friendly devices at increasingly affordable prices with ever-improving technology. You get the idea. The only way is up.

The trend towards brand-owned media

Neal Farrell peers into the crystal ball for the future of traditional media and the rise of brand-owned media, or content marketing.

Content marketing trends from America – Infographic

The latest research from the Content Marketing Institute shows that content marketing continues to grow. Check out this infographic for the highlights package of the 2015 B2C Benchmarks and Trends report.

Dear Father Christmas… 4 content marketing wishes

“Jingle bells, jingle bells…” Even though we’re all in the height of festive fervour, there’s still time to ask Santa Claus for a few things that will set your content marketing on track for 2015. This is what I’m asking for…

Own the media, own the conversation

The chase is on. As brands head from offer-focused communication towards an approach that hones in on engaging customers, the appetite for content increases.

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