Builders makes a big splash in content marketing

Oct 23, 2014

Home improvement enthusiasts now have a new source for their DIY jollies with the launch of Builders digital magazine, Love Your Home. By Robyn Daly.

Bucking the old adage, Builders has thrown the baby right into to the bathwater. The retail giant has dived headlong into content marketing by launching a digital magazine, Love Your Home. The magazine kicked off with a Special Bathroom Issue.

Love Your Home gives readers tips, advice and ideas on how to revamp their bathrooms, from planning the space, to choosing a colour scheme. There are waterwise tips, and even suggestions on what plants thrive in steamy bathrooms. It’s a treasure trove of valuable and relevant information for home enthusiasts and sets up in readers’ minds that Builders is the number one expert on home improvement.

Inspiring content ingratiates readers, however the strategy is underpinned by a sharp retail focus. Each screen has multiple click-throughs to more ideas and products you can buy. Five themed bathrooms were purpose-built for the magazine. See something that takes your fancy? A light fitting or bath perhaps? Simply click on the product to get a range of additional options and ideas priced across the scale to help keep a finger on the budget.

Once armed with inspiration and a shopping list, customers are ready to move in-store. And the results have been phenomenal, showing a direct link between the content in the magazine and a substantial uptick in product sales.

A digital magazine has the power to build customer connections as well as entertain existing loyalists on the database. The secret is to leverage all the platforms. To this end there’s a social media push of Love Your Home on Twitter and Facebook, driving traffic to the magazine. In addition there’s a print promotion in store: z-cards at each till point advertise the competition where customers can win a R30 000 bathroom makeover.All they have to do is enter through the digital magazine, which sits on the Builders website.

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