Dear Father Christmas… 4 content marketing wishes

Dec 15, 2014

Jingle bells, jingle bells…” Even though we’re all in the height of festive fervour, there’s still time to ask Santa Claus for a few things that will set your content marketing on track for 2015. This is what I’m asking for… By Robyn Daly.

Dear Father Christmas

I’m writing to you because you’re the CEO of the number one Christmas Gift courier service, and because you’re an ace at content marketing. You’ve got it all; great stories that people tell over and over again about you, you’ve got your own music, movies, YouTube clips, events, Facebook pages, Twitter feed, Pins on Pinterest… and all those impersonators on LinkedIn wanting to do kiddie Christmas parties are only strengthening your brand. I even found a sleighful of infographics – right from your carbon footprint to how long it would take you to get totally wasted on spiked eggnog. My personal favourite is an infographic using physics to prove that you really exist – as if anyone would doubt that!

So I’m sure you’ll understand why I’m asking for these four things for Christmas.

“1. Oh what fun it is to ride in the content marketing sleigh”

Just as there are people who believe in Father Christmas and those who don’t, there are those who believe in content marketing and others who don’t get it – yet.

Santa (if I may call you that), you’re a real-life example of how stories drive engagement, which in turn drives sales. So it would be great if you slipped marketers a few pointers. Like the three top reasons to include content marketing in 2015 budgets, which we both know are: increase brand awareness, customer acquisition and drive engagement.

“2. Oh Christmas tree… thy candles shine so brightly”

A Christmas tree would be nothing without lights, just as a piece of content marketing can’t exist in darkness. So Santa, please can you pop one of my content marketing communications strategies under every marketer’s Christmas tree. Some of our clients got this strategy last Christmas and really went to town pushing their content across multiple platforms. They’ve reaped the rewards with fantastic engagement which pushed up sales, sometimes as much as 30%.

“3.Deck the halls with boughs of lolly”

Yip, more lolly makes the world go round. I’d like South African brand budgets for content marketing to move closer towards international averages of 29 to 31%. Content marketing gives brands more bang for their buck because it costs on average 62% less than traditional marketing (Demand Metric 2013). Nevertheless, a few bags of gold popped down the chimneys of our clients and potential clients would be easy enough for you to do.

“4. May your days be merry and bright, and may all your Christmases be white”

Santa, you’ve been around the block more than a few times so you know consistency is everything. For three months of every year children think of nothing else but you, Rudolph, the elves and your sleigh full of presents… in short, Santa Inc. Parents too. In fact, thanks to the strength of your brand and diverse marketing tactics, you’re in everybody’s mind this time of year… every year. If you’d like a little advice, I think you could create better brand loyalty and increase sales if you did more regular content marketing. I know there’s this new brand, Christmas in July, so how about a monthly communication? Say a digital magazine? There’s such super content surrounding your brand. Anyway, we’ll take this conversation offline…

Back to Christmas Present. So, would you please pop a little Christmas birdie into the offices of all marketers to whisper in their ears that content marketing isn’t a one-off campaign? It’s about consistently connecting with customers and potential customers through stories. Because brands that regularly give their customers relevant, informative and inspiring content will be rewarded with customer loyalty and business.

I think that about sums it up for 2015. As a content marketing specialist yourself, I know it’s not too much to ask.

Warm wishes for the holidays.


PS: Santa, about that digital magazine idea… let’s do lunch. After the rush, of course.

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