Connecting the dots – 5 ways to integrate content marketing

Mar 24, 2015

Content marketing and the tactics you employ work much harder when they’re part of an integrated strategy. Here’s how to go about it. By Robyn Daly.

No man is an island, Entire of itself. Each is a piece of the continent, A part of the main.

So said the 17th century English poet John Donne in For Whom the Bell Tolls.  If we take this poem totally out of context, pick it up and plonk it into the world of marketing, it points to something… content marketing tactics are a piece of the bigger marketing mainland.

So, here’s an example. Company X produces a blog and distributes this to its email base via an enewsletter. This is content marketing, telling the story of the brand to a defined customer base. Great. But if it stops there, a whole continent of opportunities is missed. And they fall under the banner of repurposing. What company X should also do is:

  1. Put a picture from the blog on social media, with an enticing blurb that gets fans to click to the blog on your site for the full story.
  2. Repackage the content for SlideShare – perhaps at a later date if it isn’t time-bound and resend it in an enewsletter.
  3. Repurpose for Instagram and Pinterest if it has audiences there. Most popular topics on Pinterest are food and drink, crafts, home décor and women’s fashion, however motoring and travel also provide wonderful content for these visual platforms.
  4. Use the content as a basis for a YouTube video script.
  5. Package the content in a digital magazine which is distributed to the subscriber base via enewsletter and sits on the website, allowing it to live on and on…

These are just a few ways in which to sweat content assets. It sounds like Content Marketing 101, but it’s amazing how many brands are missing these simple tricks.

One of the brands doing this well is Sanlam Reality.

Have a look at the diagram below, which describes the lifecycle of a piece of content. It starts with the print feature in the programme’s quarterly magazine. Retirement isn’t a particularly sexy topic, but it gathers momentum and comes to life across the platforms. Just this one piece of content generated hundreds of thousands of touch points. And we’re doing this over and over again with other content.

“The reason this wholistic approach can unfold is because the content marketing agency is driving the strategy across the platforms,” says Francois Uys, head of marketing and business development for Sanlam Reality. “Social content, digital content, print content all require a content specialist that is able to work across print, digital and social. That way the strategy is cohesive, coherent and each investment in a piece of content works to the max.”

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