A first for South Africa

Nov 10, 2015

Welcome to The Content Marketer, a comprehensive guide to content marketing. In this magazine, we tell the story behind content marketing, its early roots, literally from the ground up.

This is the very first publication of its kind in South Africa and brings you leading thinking around content marketing plus a practical tool. You’ll find the “What”, “Why” and “How” of content marketing.


  • Content marketing is
  • Differentiates content marketing from other marketing tools


  • Content marketing is becoming the number one marketing tool worldwide
  • Content marketing engenders customer loyalty
  • An integrated campaign is key to success


  • To determine what strategies work and what don’t
  • To get the most out of your content marketing efforts
  • Content marketing can boost sales
  • Content marketing can be successful in customer acquisition

Plus we’ve got practical examples and case studies of how it all comes together.

Enjoy the power of storytelling.

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