5 reasons why your content should have a dash of personality

Feb 8, 2016

What would your customers prefer from you – product pushed at them or a meaningful and personal connection with your brand? Give them content they want with personal flair to build a deeper connection. By Christelle Grobler.

1. It puts a face to a name.

We all know what it feels like to communicate with colleagues or clients via email; never meeting them in person. When you do finally meet, you can put a face to the name at last, and get an understanding of the individual’s character. It is as if a new world has opened up to you and you are left with the satisfaction of finally knowing who you are dealing with. A piece of content can provoke the same reaction. Content without personality can, quite frankly, become flat and boring; by adding personality or a face it has the ability to drive engagement as readers are able to connect to or care more about content when you have someone they can relate to.

2. It builds trust and loyalty.

Once you feel comfortable knowing someone and the role they play, a bond or relationship begins to form. You’re more likely to take their word to heart and are able to relate to their experiences. Brands that are able to dig deep into that emotional connection through the right content are effectively becoming a valuable resource and indirectly improving a customer’s trust and loyalty towards that brand. “Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue”, says Andrew Davis from Brandscaping. A personal connection is what will set you apart from your competition.

3. It creates a tighter community.

Relationships are the backbone of community, and these in turn build a base of loyal customers. It’s like trusting your neighbour, being loyal by looking out for them in your street – it is the basis for forming a tight community. “We’re insatiable consumers of connection” says Seth Godin in his book, The Icarus Deception. “Everyone is lonely. Connect.”

4. It speaks to the heart.

Humour, personality, honesty… find out what’s important to your customers and what speaks to their hearts. Think of Suzelle, a DIY expert with a quirky personality and plenty of hints and nifty tricks up her sleeve. She connects with South Africans on a humorous level. If it wasn’t for her unique charm, she wouldn’t have been as successful. SuzelleDIY is an influencer and has numerous brands such as Checkers and Bosch riding her wave of success. She creates the content, and the brands leverage it.

5. It’s about more than just product.

Godin is a man of many wise words and he also said, from the same book: “There’s a huge difference between the shallow pleasure of instant applause and the long-lasting impact of true connection.” If you can connect with customers on an emotional level, you’ll hook them into your brand for life. Ultimately, to stand out, you need to show that you have personality.

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