Content marketing benchmarks and trends

Oct 11, 2016

The first content marketing survey to be done in South Africa will give marketers a valuable benchmark by which to measure their own efforts. Content Director Robyn Daly elaborates.

Content marketing has taken off around the world, with ever-increasing budget being spent on what is, in a nutshell, engaging customers in an ongoing conversation. It’s a big portion of the marketing budget for many brands and so there’s more and more need to measure return on investment.

But what do we really know about content marketing at a high level? How much money is being spent on this? What tactics are brands utilising, why do they even do it? And so the questions go… The UK, Australia and North America have fallen under the gaze of the Content Marketing Institute, which conducts annual research in an effort to judge content marketing trends and the benchmarks for success.

But South Africa remains an enigma. It’s a younger content marketing environment, and nobody has done any poking around into what brands are doing, what they want out of content marketing and whether or not they’re getting what they want.

That is, until Narrative and its sister company, research specialist Answered, joined forces to lead the way. The first-ever benchmarks and trends survey for content marketing in South Africa has just gone live.

The results of the survey will be published in a report and will give brands a benchmark by which to measure their own content marketing efforts in terms of budget spend, tactics used, challenges to success, what success should look like and measuring ROI.

If you’re a marketer, please take a few minutes to answer the 20 questions. The bigger the sample, the more accurately the results will reflect the state of content marketing in South Africa.

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