Best Corporate Website win for Sanlam Reality and Narrative

Nov 22, 2016

Sanlam Reality’s website was recently awarded top spot in the Best Corporate Website category at the 2016 SA Publication Forum Awards. The competition, now in its 15th year of running, aims to reward excellence in internal and external corporate communication media. The new Sanlam Reality website came to life in February 2015, and since then the Narrative content team and Nurun web development team have worked together to create a website that merges content and functionality, and provides Sanlam Reality members with a seamless user experience. And it clearly impressed the judges at the 2016 SA Publications Forum Awards, who had this to say: “The purpose of the site is clear and it states a specific mission and message. The content is extremely useful and the quality of content is outstanding. The site resonates in memory and gives the user a reason to return. It has multi-sensory appeal and a creative use of resources. The design is visually appealing, readable, easy to navigate, and reinforces the purpose of the site while giving it a unified look and feel.”

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