The Status of Content Marketing in South Africa

Jul 27, 2017

South Africa’s first Content Marketing Benchmarks and Trends report gives the lowdown on the state of content marketing in SA. You’ll find these results and more great stories for marketers in the latest issue of The Content Marketer magazine, says Narrative’s Content Director Robyn Daly.

We have social media reports, mobile stats, online benchmarks and all the tools we need for understanding how South Africans interact with media platforms. But what we’ve never had is a bird’s-eye view of content marketing in this country – that is, until now.

When we first founded Narrative, one of our visions was to help inform and educate marketers about content marketing. These thought-leadership blogs are one of our content offerings, as is The Content Marketer magazine, which launched last year and is packed with case studies, insights and advice all geared to help us get better at using stories to drive a deeper connection with customers.

Now, in 2017, we bring you the first-ever Content Marketing Benchmarks and Trends report, which you will find in the latest issue of The Content Marketer. The report is compiled from a survey we did with our research partners Answered. By asking marketers a series of pertinent questions, we were able to accumulate valuable insights into three main areas:

• The extent to which marketers have included content marketing in their strategies
• What types of content marketing brands are actually doing
• How effective these content marketing efforts are

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