How to Ensure your Content Agency Nails it

Jul 17, 2018

As brand storytellers, it’s vital that clients and content agencies are always on the same page. Narrative Business Unit Director Lauren Brabant identifies 10 steps for marketers to ensure your content agency nails it… every time.

1. Commit to a content strategy

The content strategy will govern the planning, creation, delivery and management of useable and appropriate content. Your content agency (that’s us!) will work with you to define that strategy, and to make sure it’s always aligned to your brand strategy.

2. Expect change

A content strategy is a fluid thing. As we work with the content and come to understand its successes, we will evolve that content to fit the behaviour of your audience and the needs of your brand. We will work with you to make those adjustments as needed.

3. Involve everybody

Get buy-in from all your internal stakeholders. Your content strategy – like your marketing strategy and your brand strategy – involves and impacts everybody in your organisation. Identify your key colleagues, and get them on board. It’ll only save time and frustration further down the line.

4. Talk to us…

Be sure to workshop with your content specialists. As your content agency, we are the specialists in content, but there’s nobody better placed than you to know what your brand is about and where it’s headed. Content marketing is all about connecting with your customers, so it’s important that your content agency and your brand marketing team see each other as more than just “client” and “supplier”.

5. … and keep talking

Your content should be on trend with the market, but also aligned to your business needs. To make sure this happens, have regular catch-up meetings with your content specialists. Tell us what’s going on in your business, so that we can update our content plans to introduce those new developments. Overload us with information!

6. Delay your gratification

We deal in digital content, which comes with quick turnarounds. As a result, the expectation – especially in new relationships – is often that you’ll see new content instantly. You won’t. Trust the process, have patience, and you’ll soon see how a well-paced, well-planned, expertly-executed content strategy pays off.

7. Stay on track

Remember to align any additional briefs to that agreed-upon content strategy. It’s what guides the conceptualisation and creation of the content, and its purpose is to ensure everybody working on the content stays focused on your brand and business goals.

8. Give it time

Allow for time to roll out the content plan. As a content agency, we like to plan the content we produce for you two to three months in advance, and supply you with a package of completed content.

9. Remember, it’s an ongoing process

Content work isn’t like campaign work, where each element has to be rigorously approved. This is an organic, ongoing process. Let your content agency sweat the details of the content, so that you can focus on the broader brand work.

10. Give us room to work

The more room you can give your content agency to create that content, the better.

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