The secret to successful content marketing is to integrate activities across platforms. Love Your Home, a monthly content play on behalf of Massbuild, is a key element of the overall marketing strategy, infiltrating the brand’s social media, website, in-store catalogues, point-of-sale material and advertising campaigns.


Love Your Home started in 2014 as an experimental digital magazine, and straight out the starting box it boomed, directly increasing in-store sales. So it was a no-brainer to create more of the same compelling content. The magazine spawned a print version and Love Your Home became a brand within a brand, with content integrated across the platforms and being lapped up by readers and audiences.


With Builders, we have made a bold play to own DIY. The rationale is short, inspirational videos, which get customers fired up to do the projects. They can then click through to the website where the shopping list and steps can be downloaded.


Instagram is a portal for inspiration and our social media strategy is to create powerful, eye catching imagery and rich media that will grab the eye.


Content is the nexus of our Facebook strategy and it’s all about giving the audience what they want – tips, tricks, facts and inspiration that will encourage fans in store or to the website and digital magazines to get the lowdown and technical information.


Narrative’s social media strategy is all about creating content customised for platforms. It’s well known that what works on Facebook doesn’t necessarily work on Twitter and our game plan is underpinned by an understanding of the Builders followers and potential followers.

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